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Vanilla APP is THE white-label mobile app solution for your Vanillaforums community. Give your users a great native apps based on excellent code and design.

Enlarge your community with improved user acquisition, more user-generated content and higher engagement.

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for your community

Vanillaforums is one of the greatest online community solutions available. As being admins, designers and developers of numerous Vanilla communities ourselves, we have constantly been on the lookout to improve our forum usability of forums. So we decided to create native mobile apps for Vanillaforums.

Apps are not only a great way to improve the mobile experience of your community. They also increase engagement and facilitate user acquisition through the app stores - with millions of users looking to be part of a social network every day.

That's why we are offering a hosted white label solution for you today - with a versatile yet robust app, API and server infrastructure.

Core Features & Add-ons

Vanilla APP integrates the core features of the open-source version of Vanillaforums. Besides, we included some popular functions and plugins.


Vanilla APP allows your users to create, read, bookmark and follow discussions. We integrated a smart color-coded design that helps users to quickly navigate to the discussions and posts they created, participated or wish to follow.


Vanilla APP mirrors the Vanillaforums internal category system. Whether it's subcategories or category descriptions, we integrated all aspects.


Private messaging is a relevant and vital part of every community. We developed a modern messaging system on top of Vanillaforum's conversations application. That way, Vanilla APP provides a great messaging flow between your users.

Push Notifications

Notifications are the true power of app-based social communities. Remind your users about ongoings in the community and draw them back to activity with alerts and push notifications.

Widgets & More

To integrate Vanilla APP deeply into the daily user experience of mobile users, we utilize popular iOS and Android functions like Widgets, 3D Touch and more.

Vanilla Add-ons

Vanilla APP also integrates popular Vanillaforums plugins and applications like Flagging, BBCode, Emojis, Tagging, YAGA, Online Now, Post Count, Quotes, Vanillicon, Signatures and more. Ask us for the add-ons you are looking for.

Download our demo app

Interested to learn more? Test our demo community and have you a first look at how Vanilla APP works. Play around with it and let us know what you think.

How does it work?

Let us explain in short how an integration of Vanilla APP increases both flow and freedom of your community.

Get in touch and let us discuss if Vanilla APP is the solution that fits your needs.

Your Vanilla community resides on your server. We integrate our API on your side. After setting up an API server instance and the Vanilla APP, we provide you with your community app for testing and publishing to the app stores.

Yes, we will customize the design of your white label apps to add up to the look and feel of your community.

We provide you with the app file (IPA, APK) for the submission to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

We can have your Vanilla APP instances ready in a few weeks.

We are continuously working to improve Vanilla APP. The app stores require frequent improvements and updates (i.e. due to their user interface guidelines) - we take care of that for you. On top of that, we regularly implement all Vanilla upgrades and popular plugins!

You can also visit our live demo forum.

view screenshots

We implemented a great design and user interface — with a lot of community feedback and design experience.

pricing plan

Costs of setup and service provision

Server & App Setup



  • Project Managment
  • Server Setup
  • API Setup
  • Design Customization
  • Testing
  • Pre-Launch
  • Launch

iOS App



  • API Server Hosting
  • Continuous Development & Updates
  • Following App Store Guidelines
  • Integration of new plugins
  • App Marketing Consulting
  • Direct Support

Android App



  • API Server Hosting
  • Continuous Development & Updates
  • Following App Store Guidelines
  • Integration of new plugins
  • App Marketing Consulting
  • Direct Support

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If you are interested to run your own instance of Vanilla APP contact us. We'd be happy to discuss and showcase our solution to you.

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